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After 15 years exploring the area I have concluded the exact points of mystery, wonderful, little explored landscapes of Arica.


With an amazing geography, diverse culture and wildlife we will indulge the scenery ideal to see the four ecological floors of our cost and highlands of Arica.


Dare yourself in a safe way and with a specialized guide to experiment the unique opportunity to take part of our north!


Birdwatching and

Photographic safari 


This tour is focused in observing more than 160 species of birds that live or pass by the Arica and Parinacota region, reaching up to a total of 60% of the registered species in Chile. Following their flight, we will move from the cost to the highlands, where we will also be witnesses of the diverse native wildlife that gives life to our highlands, all this in-between of a margin of responsibility and respect of our nature.

  • Watching routes with a high level of observation success of unique species (Tawny-throated dotterel, Groove-billed ani, Hummingbird, Flamingos, and others).

  • We take into consideration the climate, distance, geography, solar position and time for the best pictures. 

Arica and Parinacota
Groups of  6 people maximum
Difficulty level: Medium
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*The program is standard and can be modified to the interest of the client

The high plains planet

The High Plains Planet tour is designed to arrive at all the destinations and touristic resources of our region. We will visit the classical touristic stops -like the postcards that show our north-, also we will take upon us routes that are uncommonly traveled, paths off-road and cattle drover trails connecting in person with the magic that involves our landscapes and Aymara culture.


On this tour, we will arrive at places uncommonly known, secrets that hide the valley and ravines, towns that stopped in their time, places with a unique geography, volcanic landscapes that give you the impression that you're on the ninth planet.

Arica and Parinacota
Difficulty level: 
Trekking (Inca trail)
Thermal baths
Astronomic photography
*Possible ceremonies
Ideal tour for a family group (+13)
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*The program is standard and can be modified to the interest of the client

Red lagoon

Recently discovered for tourism in 2009, the "lagoon of colors": red, yellow and green bring visitors with its ancestral magnificent. Surrounded by myths; "magic" and with "supernatural powers", what we say for sure is that the Aymara culture is charged with so much meaning, being witnesses of ancient rituals and ceremonies.


With its attractive natural colors and hot water (approx. 40º - 50º), the lagoon has become a must-visit destination for lovers of extreme experience. Its the place where everybody wants to visit but few arrive.


Ideal place for nature photography and to connect 100% with the Pachamama.

Camarones town- Arica and Parinacota region
Difficulty level :Medium high 
(access level hard, path off road)
Thermal baths
Astronomic photography
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*The program is standard and can be modified to the interest of the client
Planeta Altiplano